Drupal 6 release of Ocadia theme - finally!

Drupal 6 release of Ocadia theme - finally!

Posted by stella on Sun, 2009-11-22 13:54 in

Over a year and a half after Drupal 6 was released, I've finally gotten around to releasing a Drupal 6 version of the Ocadia theme. The design is based on a Wordpress theme done by Beccary and subsequently ported to Drupal 4.7 by Scar_T. I came on-board after creating a Drupal 5 version of it for one of my friend's websites, Irlandia Ceramics. In fact it has been one of the main obstacles preventing me from upgrading the site to Drupal 6, but now largely thanks to peterx and sime, a Drupal 6 version is now available! Thanks guys!

The new releases can be downloaded from the Ocadia project page, while details on the changes can be found below:

Pure and nice article.Thanks

Pure and nice article.Thanks man.gradually love drupal : )

Posted by erotik hikaye (not verified) on Wed, 2009-12-09 20:13

You know, there are so many themes out there... are there any sites that gives you active previews of them? I am really considering adding Drupal to my site.. not sure about pure integration but.. I'd like to know more about the various themes but it's a pain adding them individually..


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