New Releases for FAQ - 6.x-1.12, 5.x-2.15

New Releases for FAQ - 6.x-1.12, 5.x-2.15

Posted by stella on Fri, 2010-10-29 11:24 in

New releases of the FAQ module have been made - versions 5.x-2.15 and 6.x-1.12. This release includes a fair few new features, including views support and new "delete faq content" and "delete own faq content" permissions. There are also a number of bug fixes too.

The new features added include:

  • #780446 - added views support
  • #855520 - allow for long question text not to be set at all.
  • #418864 made breadcrumb settings configurable
  • #663686 - added question and answer label support for questions at top listing
  • #784834 - allow users to re-order the detailed question field on the node form
  • #920398 - 'administer faq' permission no longer gives create/edit/delete faq node access
  • Added in new "delete faq content" and "delete own faq content" permissions.

The new releases can be downloaded from the FAQ project page, while details on the changes can be found below:


thanks for a great module

I was looking to set up an image gallery type facility on a web site i'm building for someone - by looking at the source code of another site i liked i realised i should be searching on 'lightbox' for drupal, within about half an hour i'd set up a light show for a page of images that i had already set up.

great software - the documentation and information is clear and easy to follow - the configuration was intuitive - it all worked without a hitch - thanks (and thanks to drupal for making it so easy to install modules, of course). Also the demo page on your site is very good - it uses straight forward photos to demonstrate features of lightbox2 so there is not confusion about what one is looking at - and i like the photos!

I'm looking forward to playing with the module some more and doing more sophisticated things, but meanwhile i managed to install exactly what what was wanted for the web site


Posted by ruth (not verified) on Sun, 2010-11-14 19:53
Videos and Images

I've searched everywhere, and can't find an answer, so I assume it's not possible, but I'll ask anyway. Can videos and images be grouped together? If not, why not?


Posted by Sean (not verified) on Thu, 2011-02-10 23:00